Municipal RO Desalination Plants
Over 2,400 projects built world wide and more than 25 years of experience in design & supply.

Water Fountains
Decorative Fountains Design & Installation as well as supply & engineering to the highest standards with complex display.

Olympic Pool
Engineering, supply, design, contracting, and maintenance for any size pool per FIFA or any other standard specifications.

Pressure Tanks
Design & supply any size tank in mild steel or 304/316 stainless steel construction to ASME standards. Softener & Filter pressure tanks are also available and can be designed per your project specifications. These tanks can range from 10" size diameter, up to 144" vertical/ horizontal design.They can be built to any standards with 2-1/2 or 4" 8-UN top opening as well as side flange connections for the larger sizes.

Project Solution Services
Savana Water, the Complete Package.

We offers proven solutions in design & engineering that protect your high-value assets, reduce maintenance cost, maximize run times, save energy, and enhance product quality. We provide customized products and engineered services along with select contracting options in a multi related fields world wide that is sure to meet most project objectives.

Engineering & Design Solutions
We offer state of the art solutions in engineering relative to water & waste water projects at any level. We also provide for complete A-Z (Design, Consulting & Contracting) for related projects such as Swimming Pools and Decorative Fountain Works at any level.

BOOT Turn-Key Plants
For large scale municipal projects, we can Build, Own, Operate & Transfer (BOOT) RO Desalination plants for up to 50 million GPD. Savana Water can offer unique and profitable solutions under 10/20 years financing program contracts with detailed daily/monthly & annual revenue projections for the same. Please contact our sales dept. for more information.

Contract Services
Savana Water Treatment offers a unique list of services along with it's complete line of water related product solutions such as..

. Turn-Key RO Desalination plants (up to 50 MGPD) *
. Build, operate, own, & transfer (BOOT) contracts *
. Olympic Swimming Pool products & contracting
. Decorative Fountains & Display Installation/Design
. Problem solving Design & Engineering Services
. Project lease & Financing over 10/20 yr terms *
. and much more.. © 1989-2006 | All rights reserved.

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